How Are You Doing?

Are you above the influence when it comes to pressure? Take this quick quiz to find out.


How often do you agree with your friends?


Do you have your own personal interests outside your group of friends?


Sometimes your friends may tell you to buy something (like a clothing brand or a certain type of mobile phone) because everyone else has it. But how many times have you gone out and actually bought that thing?


Have you ever helped a friend who asked you to cheat?


Have you ever picked on another person just because your friends did?


Have you ever done something that you knew was wrong (like skipping class or shoplifting) just because others were urging you to just "go along"?


How happy are you with yourself?


Have you ever changed your appearance to go along with your friends?


Have you ever felt like you should have sex because you thought that your friends were doing it?


Have you ever been pressured to try drugs or alcohol just because your friends were doing it?

Your Quiz Results

Life's got you in a vice grip – you're feeling some serious pressure.

Based on your responses, you might be feeling pressure from those around you. You're probably feeling pressure to fit in or go along with the crowd – and you're not alone. It's a difficult time, so prepare yourself for those situations before they happen. Try to think about what you might say to your friends if they asked you to do something you weren't cool with. The more you know about who you are and what you believe in, the easier it will be to just be yourself – and to be comfortable with that.

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The heat’s on–the pressure is all around you, but you’re dealing with it.

Based on your answers, you're probably feeling some pressure. You can start by recognizing the influences in your life and trusting your instincts. If you decide something's not for you, go with that. Your choices matter, so try to make decisions that you can stand by and not feel bad about later.

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Cool as a cucumber–you're feeling the pressure but dealing with it.

Based on your responses, it seems you're aware of the pressures in your life and you're learning how to deal with them. It looks like you generally don't let people influence what you do. Keep it up and continue to encourage your friends (and siblings) who may be closely watching you and the decisions you make.

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