This is the official website of Above the Influence. This site and many of the Above the Influence ads you may have seen were originally created as a part of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, a program of the Office of National Drug Control Policy. Above the Influence transitioned away from federal oversight in 2014 and became a program of the non-profit Partnership to End Addiction (formerly Partnership for Drug-Free Kids).

The Above the Influence program is no longer active, however we hope you continue to find the information and resources provided here useful. 

Every teen’s life is filled with pressure, some of it good, some of it bad. The goal of Above the Influence has always been to help teens stand up to negative pressures, or influences. The more aware you are of the influences around you, the better prepared you will be to face them, including the pressure to use drugs and alcohol. We’re not telling you how to live your life, but we are giving you facts and another perspective. You need to make your own best decisions.

image of pills Privilege, Pressure & Pills
I never would have imagined motivated, bright students, with everything going for them, turning to drug use.
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