Exams, prom, hearing back from colleges, things are kinda bananas right now. But it’s our favorite time of the school year, because we’re in the final stretch and there are so many reasons to put an extra SPRING in your step!

1. Spring Break

Because obviously.

2. Warmer Weather
Which means getting outdoors, shedding those winter layers, and rocking new styles.

3. More Hours in the Day
Following the spring equinox, days get longer and nights get shorter, and all that extra sunlight is energizing. So not only do you have more daylight hours to work with, you have more energy to take advantage of them.

4. Nature, Nature EVERYWHERE
No filter necessary. Flowers, leaves and bright colors abound! Take advantage, because experiencing more nature is scientifically proven to have all kinds of awesome benefits like feeling happier, more creative and improving concentration.

5. Testing
Not really. But if you’ve read this far, then you pass and totally get an A.

5. Prom
It’s quintessential high school. Get your glam on, take tons of pics and have “a night to remember” (or whatever your school’s theme is), emphasis on remembering the evening’s festivities (catch our drift?).

6. Graduation / End of the Year

On to the next chapter!