Talk about starting the week off on a positive note! Texas teen Dannie McMillan completely flipped the script on her would-be bullies to not only defuse their power, but totally co-opt their attempt at name-calling and put it to much better use.

When Dannie learned about a twitter page that called her a “fat whale” she went through the normal range of emotions; embarrassment turned into anger which became fuel for motivation. Dannie exchanged Facebook messages with model Laura Lee, whose support helped her channel those emotions into triumph.

As Dannie told a local news outlet, “I jokingly told her: part of me wants to cry all day. And, the other part of me wants to get a t-shirt with a whale on it and wear it to school to show that they can’t get to me. And, she was like ‘oh, we should.’”

And that’s how what is sure to become the coolest, most subversive, IT t-shirt of the summer came to be! Seriously, by the time Taylor Swift gets photographed wearing one, it’s gonna be too late.

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