When You’re Ready To Give Up…

“I look around and all I see, everyone smiling, everyone but me…”
This is me.
This is me in times of loneliness, me in times of self-hatred, me when I feel like giving up.
But then I realize the friends that I have. One of them said to me on my homecoming night after I got stood up, “You fit in… You don’t need to be popular, you don’t need a lot of friends. You just need a few good ones.” Another seemed to support in almost every text he sent me, one saying, “I know you’re going through some tough stuff right. We are here for you and we aren’t going anywhere.”
With that support, I realize that I’m not alone and someone is going to be there for me when I want to give up.
And that goes the same for you.
You have friends and family who love you and care for you. They aren’t going anywhere, and want to help you. Take advantage of that. They may end up saving your life.

Annika, Washington