“Just be yourself because everyone else is taken.” -Unknown. I live by this quote and you should too. If you dislike coffee then you don’t have to order the Java chip frapp like your friend always does just to look, “cool.” So you post a picture of your frappuchino and tag it with #Starbuckslove. Did you really order it just for the appearance of you buying it? You really want to throw it away inside but you instead force it down your throat to look… “cool.” You don’t have to do things everybody expects you to do. It’s so sad how in today’s society people try so hard to fit in. You don’t have to do these things just to fit in, you WILL ATTRACT THE WRONG FRIENDS. You won’t be happy with yourself. So please, be yourself and don’t order Starbucks next time if you don’t like it. Go to the fro-yo place down the block; I’m sure they have delicious flavors.

Olivia, Florida