It Will Pass

Just wanted to write and say, I know you may be feeling that pressure to join in and do drugs/drink, etc., as I did, but I am a few years on now, and really, honestly, I’m so glad I stopped. Of my friends who carried on, one is now on heroin, one has serious mental health issues and is on heavy medication, another got pregnant and her boyfriend left her, and another is practically homeless, with chronic depression and lung problems. I’m not kidding. Ok, so a few survived without these problems, but is it worth the risk? Think ahead to the life you will want, it’s worth a little “sacrifice” now for a happy life. I struggle a bit now with anxiety after my brief bit of drug use, but wow am I glad I didn’t carry’s just not worth it. Life gets easier in terms of peer pressure – stand your ground, stand up for life!

Cara, Illinois