Think about it.

Here’s my story. I started at age 13, I was in gangs and I always thought I was so cool. But before I got into gangs I was depressed because I was raped at a young age. I found that as an excuse to do drugs. My 16 year old ex boyfriend was a drug dealer. He gave me Crystal, Molly, and Weed. I was high for any occasion. I’d sneak out of the house when my parents went to work and did drugs and gang deals with my boyfriend. I’d come home so high that when my Mom talked to me I never paid attention. There was a time I started getting acne. At family reunions I was always ticking because I wanted to get high so much. I was addicted. Next thing you know, my Mother finds out and my whole family hated me. I ran away with my boyfriend ¬†and a couple of weeks later my Mom was diagnosed with Cancer. My family was separating. My cousins didn’t like me. No one. It took me so long to realize that I had to stop doing drugs when I figured out my Mom was dying. Let your mother live worry free Knowing YOU’RE drug free.

Cynthia, Nevada