Straight Edge

Don’t listen to everyone’s else’s opinions. The only opinion the matters is yours. When I was fourteen I started listening to straight edge music and became straight edge. I hung around with kids who drank and did drugs, but I never did, because I knew who I was, and I knew who I didn’t want to be. I never felt pressured because I set my boundaries and made my beliefs to my friends clear. I wear a straight edge bracelet everyday to remind me of who I am and to avoid temptations. I later realized I didn’t like who I was becoming with those friends even though I didn’t do drugs with them. I cut them out of my life and found friends who weren’t bad influences on me. To this day I am still straight edge and happy. So my point is cut out the negative influences in your life. Even if you’re not doing drugs with them they can still affect your life negatively.

Bella, California