Staying and Living Strong

My whole family has driven themselves to the bottom of the pit because of drugs and alcohol. My dad was a drug dealer when I was a baby, my mom was a prostitute for drugs, my grandpa neglected his family completely, and my aunt died from cirrhosis of the liver at 32 on Christmas Day, 2013.
Addiction is wired in my genetics, from both sides of the gene pool – my paternal side is filled with hopeless alcoholics, and my maternal side is overwhelmed with drug addicts.
It is so easy to slip and become an addict of my own. But I choose to stay strong, because I’ve seen what it has done to those I loved, and I’ve felt what it is like to know you can’t help them and accept that they love their drugs/alcohol more than you.
I cannot allow myself to have one slip up, because I just know, I will fall hard; I’ll be falling in a slippery canyon that I can’t pull myself out of.
Always stay strong and don’t let those influence you. It’s not impossible, I promise.

Tabitha, Arizona