Why I stay above

I choose to be above the influence because my little siblings mean the world to me. When I think about drugs, I think about what they would do to me and how that affects my little brother and sister. They’re growing up and our time together while they’re little is precious. I don’t want to be high and not remember things from the time I’m spending with them. I also think about how I would feel to see them doing drugs, and I can’t imagine having to hold my little sister’s hair back while she empties her stomach of everything because she’s been drinking too much. I can’t imagine having to pick my little brother up at some party because he’s high or drunk and he can’t function anymore. I want to be a person that they can look up to. I want them to see me as someone that they can be like. I don’t have that. My older sister chose differently, but I’m setting a better example for my baby brother and sister. I choose to be above the influence in the hope that they will too.

denver, New York