Above all, stay true to yourself

The problem with marijuana addiction is that nobody regards it as such. I can hardly talk about it with anyone because it’s almost a taboo subject; either people dismiss it out of hand or are so culturally biased and lack enough personal experience that they find the idea somewhat ridiculous. Everyone’s afraid of looking stupid. I bet the same people that I used to revere wouldn’t shut me down if they saw the cumulative pain and difficulty my addiction has caused me and my family over the years of using. No, it wasn’t a phase that I would have grown out of otherwise. It almost got me.

I’m 21 and I’ve decided that I’m done living my life in denial and selling myself short. I’m not here to debate the semantics of addiction, I’m here to put another brick in my affirmation and share something potentially helpful to a kid reading this.

Are you going to let a drug define you? Your friendships? An adult centers his/her habits around his goals, not the other way around.

Schuyler, Wisconsin