Running Away

When I was 17, my friends influenced me to try ecstasy at a party. They said it was fun and it wouldn’t hurt to try. I ended up getting hooked, meeting a boy, and running away with him to a different state! Together we tried almost every drug, from marijuana to methamphetamine to all kinds of pills. I thought I was in love; I thought I knew what I was doing. At one point we became homeless due to a false promise from a “friend.” After months of sober, deep thinking, I realized the pain I was causing myself and my family. I realized 3 years passed by and I was at a standstill… I finally told my parents I wanted to come home and how sorry I was for doing the things I had done. Here I am now, 2 years later, and I am at home rebuilding my relationships with my family members and sharing my experience with those who have questions and temptations! Overall, I am happy now that I overcame the obstacles that I created for myself, but I still get sad when I think back to those years.

Jenna, Florida