Peer Pressure

As a minor, I always promised myself I would not be negatively influenced by the world and fall into the peer pressure of doing prescription drugs and consuming alcohol as a minor. As I matured peer pressure got worse. I was now in college and there were parties every day. Soon I was pressured into other things I never thought I would do. I had no intentions of ever consuming alcohol; many of my family member have been/are alcoholics. I’ve seen people addicted to heroin, meth and coke. I never intended to not only take but abuse prescription drugs. As a 18 year old college student all the pressure was overwhelming and I unfortunately gave in. One day when I was under the influence I looked in the mirror, and it wasn’t me. I had no idea who I became and since that day I am attempting to say no to drug/alcohol abuse and also be a positive influence on my peers. A good friend steers you away from wrong doing and things that can lead you to self destruction. Say no to peer pressure!!!!

Charde, Indiana