The Party Scene

Being a senior in High school I’ve experienced many things & people. My freshman year I didn’t do anything too risky, but I went to my first house party. I saw certain things such as my friends, peers, and even my own sister doing drugs & alcohol. I looked around at this “party scene ” and saw that I didn’t quite “fit in.” I never really saw the point of using drugs or getting so drunk I can’t even remember my name. I honestly just was looking to mingle and have a good time. Things took to a bad turn and the police busted the party. Not only did that scare me like crazy but I had to find a way to explain to my mother why my older sister is acting so crazy because she was drinking. That made me realize who I am as a person. I don’t “go with the flow” of things, I do my own. To this day you’ll never catch me at a “party scene” with drugs & alcohol. Even though I don’t have millions of friends bc of not going out to parties I’m satisfied with who I am, who I hang around & who I will become.

Ayanna, Maryland