Painkillers Beware!

I am a recovering addict trying to change others lives and warn others of the danger. At first my drug use was fun, but I was so unaware of the dark turn my life would take. In the matter of a couple of weeks I was addicted to oxycodone – a strong painkiller. I spent every penny I had on this drug. I dropped out of college where I was pre-med. I lost 6 jobs and I was arrested 3 times in 1 year. I lost contact with some of my closest best friends. I stole money from my family for drugs. When I tallied all the money together, I spent $300,000 on my addiction.

When I was younger I told myself that would never happen to me. However, it can happen to anyone. No matter what your skin color is, sexual orientation or your religion you can be an addict. Oxycodone is a dangerous drug! It is the same thing as heroin. I had no idea I was putting heroin into my body, because I thought painkillers were ok, because doctors prescribe it. Message: don’t do it!

Tom, New York