One Regret

I’m 24 years old and I been an alcoholic for the past 10 years. I became sober 2 months ago. I have done many bad things when I was drunk that could easily put me in jail for a while or even hurt people in a really bad way. Getting in trouble, hurting myself or family around me never made me change my mind about my drinking problem. How did I hit rock bottom? The outcome of the last time I got drunk was losing the love of my life. The irresponsibility of my actions made me lose her little by little until she lost the love for me. I’ve been trying to be strong but I have entered into depression and feeling awful. My story is long with many details to cover, but the fact of talking about it makes me feel good. I would love help and support, but I would love more to persuade people to stay alcohol free! Stay above the influence :):)

Alex, California