Just be yourself

Getting made fun of for how you like to dress? Whether you are in school or an adult in the work force; it will happen. What truly matters is how you handle it. If you are like me and like to wear black with crazy colored hair, then why not do it? People will stare. They will mock you, and make you feel horrible, but do their opinions really matter? No, they do not. If you like black and dress in rainbows because of fear; are you truly happy? No. So why let this fear of mockery stop you from being yourself. You are a unique individual. You are beautiful the way you are. If someone doesn’t like the way you are; that’s their problem. But should we seek revenge? Yes, but not with harsh words and violence. Living our lives to the fullest and making ourselves truly happy is the best revenge you can get. In short: be what you want to be and do not let others decide who you are as a person. Happiness kills.

James, Virginia