I Love you Daddy !

I remember the day the doctor came in for what we thought was a regular doctors appointment. Turned out to be the worst day ever. It was Jan.06,2014. She told you she had bad news. There’s no more time. It’s cancer. The x-ray showed spots like a dalmatian. She asked if we would like to see it. We both replied “no!” at the same time. She said this was the time to mend things with people you had problems with. Write letters to those who couldn’t understand, to those who don’t want to listen, to do whatever it takes to leave in peace. That’s when you asked her how much time do you have. She replied “I don’t give death dates,” but she could assure you its only a matter of weeks, months if you’re lucky. Your eyes full of tears, you just nodded up and down in disappointment. Then you replied “What can I say? I’m dying, right?” Still trying to grip onto the reality. My father died on Feb.26,2014,  just a month after discovering he was battling cancer for 8 years, totally unaware due to alcohol and drugs.

DARLENE, California