The Guilt You Have To Live With

I was always the good girl: the one who never did anything wrong, ever. I was always afraid to do something wrong, I would disappoint my family or even worse God. Then one day I went off the deep end. I had sex with a guy I didn’t even know. Why you might ask, to this day I haven’t figured it out. What I am trying to say is talk to someone. I was being pressured by my friends and I went with it. I did the one thing I promised myself I would never do, all because of peer pressure. That is not even the worst part though. I got pregnant that one night and had an abortion. That was God sending me a message. I had made a mistake and now had to live with it. Everyday I have to live with the guilt of how I killed the tiny baby in my stomach.WORST feeling EVER.

Don’t let peer pressure get to you. It could make your whole life different. Sure it might not be as extreme as my case, but it also could be. Let my story be a great reminder to listen to yourself and your beliefs, not what a “friend” says. You are you.

Alexa, Wisconsin