Going against the crowd sometimes gets you the farthest

I was bullied all of my life up until Middle School for not quite fitting in. I’m not so good at sports and I didn’t always know what to say. The lack of human compassion pushed me onto my laptop and the internet a lot instead of being out on the streets causing trouble out of boredom. This is the beginning of how I took an interest to Computer Science. It was something I was good at and kids at school couldn’t take away from me no matter how hard they tried. I started getting better at it, and soon other people online and even my classmates and teachers started to admire my work. The internet is also where I discovered other kids had the same problems I did and ¬†where I learned how they overcame them. That’s when I realized that the silly comments other kids made didn’t matter and I could define who I was. Fast forward three years and now I am a sophomore in High School. I have friends that now come to me for life advice, I accomplish magic using a keyboard and I now work for a cloud web hosting company in NYC.

Sean, Michigan