The Fears That Chain Me

Every morning, I pick out the flaws in myself. I stare at myself, fixing my clothes, standing straighter, messing with my hair, finding a way to smile that hides my under bite. All this just so that a few hundred people will accept me into their cruel, judgmental society that jumps on every difference and turns it into a weakness, not something that defines you as who are but instead as something that you shouldn’t be. Everyone has characteristics that makes you an individual, not just a uniform part of a whole. But many refuse to accept that these traits are normal. And this misconception of a how a society should be run causes everyone unneeded stress and worrying. This feeling of being different plagues me every time I decide to go talk to a pretty girl. I think she will believe I am lesser than her because of my differences. This anxiety of being rejected by people has ruined many relationships throughout my life. But don’t be like me. Be confident. Be courageous. And be yourself.

Cy, New Mexico