Falling Isn’t Failing

After spending nearly 4 years behind bars, and I’m only 22, I’ve finally wrapped my head around this thing we call Addiction. Ive always had a great life full of opportunity and a loving family, but drinking turned me into someone I’m not. Everything I did, no matter how fun or exhilarating it was sober, had to have the booze to make it acceptable. It was the unnecessary cherry on top of my sundae. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all this, it’s that, I couldn’t deal with my true emotions. Happy, sad, angry, mad, death or success…was drowned out. Now I’m a real man who can cry and deal with my problems the right way. Although drinking can be fun, the price is much too high to pay. The risk is too severe. My choices are my own…but they affect everyone around me in some way. I’m done being selfish. I don’t need a cherry on my sundae because all the things that make it what it is are usually under what we see first.

Jake, Pennsylvania