Enjoy Sober

I got my 90 day tag after multiple failed attempts. I never got all the way to 90 days… till now. I feel empowered and scared at the same time. I’ve listened to Macklemore’s “otherside” and “starting over” about a billion times. I can’t believe I made it. In a month it will be a year since I last shot, it’s insane realizing how fast everything unraveled. I feel scared reading the statistic that 93% will have 7-13 relapses before it’s permanent. I will not be part of that statistic. I’ve seen drugs take too many lives to think that it won’t be me “just this time.” I’ve been away from home for almost a year and when I go back I will stay clean. The color in my skin is back, the scabs are gone, and the tracks are faded. I am no longer the “designated drinker” or the “ice queen.” It scares me to think that I will never have that feeling again, but I can do it. Whether it’s “Just for Today,” or I have to go to a meeting everyday. I will do it, Above the Influence.

CeCe, Texas