drugs are destructive

A year ago I never believed in what people would say about drugs, the typical “they destroy you.”

I hardly ever had a sober day – I was always on bars, pain killers, hydros, lsd, weed, codiene, ecstacy – I was always on something. But then when I¬†was sober, I was so angry and felt pointless in life. I got into a argument with my mom and I was having a terrible day while being sober, and I just thought, “what if I just take so many pills and bars I don’t wake up and have to deal with being sober?” because I couldn’t stand the empty depressing aggravation I had. Life felt POINTLESS POINTLESS. My dad that night opened a drawer in my desk and found all the hydros and xanax bars I was going to take the next day, in total it was about 28 including nyquils to put me to sleep and never awaken. My parents were so disappointed to find all the hydros, nyquils, and xanax bars I had planned to take the next day.

That was my wake up call that I needed to quit drugs and just face sobriety. Self+drugs=self destruction.

Jasmine, Texas