Clarity Of Mind

When I was in high school, all anyone could talk about was when, where, and what they were going to smoke. At first I was saying no to the parties, but after a while I went to one of them. I didn’t take, smoke, or drink anything. I just watched to see what it did to you. The outcome was the worst thing I had ever seen. People throwing up and forgetting even the simplest things like where they were and who their friends were. It wasn’t “fun” or “the best thing out there” from where I was standing. After that day, I thought to myself “OK, so if that happens when you drink, or smoke, or do any kind of drugs, then I’m never doing anything, ever in my life.” ¬†And I am proud to say I have stuck by that thought. Most of my old, and ex, friends that still drink and smoke are now either in jail, have been to jail, or have had to go to the hospital because of whatever it is that they drank or smoke. I am drug free, alcohol free, and most of all. . . Above The Influence.

Jordan, New Mexico