Change is obtainable

I am one of the kids who grew up in a drug addicted family, and for the longest time I told myself that I never wanted to be like them, and that I would never do drugs…..
Then I turned 13 and stress was constantly pouring down on me and weighing down my shoulders. So I to started using, and it was hard to stop my habit when everybody I loved and looked up to for advice, supported my habit. I learned the hard way, and was locked up for two years. By then my family stopped. But I went back, and got locked up for another year and a half. When I got out my family supported me and encouraged me to go down the right path. I am strong and I do have self control and self acceptance. The other day a blunt was pulled out and passed to me. I said no thanks, and walked away. Ever since then the chains that were holding me to drugs are gone. I am my own rock, I carry my own. You can change but you have to want it and take the productive and healthy steps to get it.

Zowie, Missouri