Can’t I love myself?

Even on my worst days, I can look back at what I have done, and say that I’m proud. I’ve done so many things, seen so many places. I’ve worked so incredibly hard. I’ve pushed myself past my limits. I follow my dreams and pursue my passions. I’ve touched the lives of the people that I’ve encased myself in. Everyday’s a battle, and I’ll admit I don’t always win, but that doesn’t matter. I always pick myself up, and each time I seem to grow. This sense of pride and self worth, the emotion I let propel me, is looked down upon by our society. WHY? How can being proud of your accomplishments be a bad thing? While bragging and cockiness is a completely different issue, confidence is never a bad thing. It’s OKAY to be proud and love yourself. Never let anyone tell you differently.

I love who I am, and what I’ve become. I sincerely hope that everyone is able to say the same.

Mercedes, Utah