Breaking The Cycle

Ever since I was in elementary I’ve known my mom and step father were on drugs and alcohol. I didn’t know how they acted when not on them, except that they would get very mad and beat me and my 2 brothers. By letting people into our house I was molested several times and raped. My parents were both arrested. While they were in jail I took care of us 3. We all moved in with different family members because I couldn’t pay the bills while in high school. My one brother wants to go to school to be an engineer and the other is working full time. I am on my way to graduate a year early and work full time as a Nurse Assistant until I enter college. I work out everyday, eat healthy, will never use drugs or drink alcohol and am devoting my life to help those that are struggling with drug addictions and mental illnesses. I primarily want to work with children so they don’t have to go through the same thing. I am breaking the cycle, we all are. You can do it too!

Chanel, Utah