I am an athlete

I am an athlete. People see us as those perfect people who have it all under control. I am a freshman in high school. When I see the upperclassmen athletes some are drinking and smoking and not really caring about their futures. They cheat on tests because they are too lazy to study after their games. They don’t try hard enough to succeed in everything that they do because they are afraid of failure. That’s the way how society and peer pressure work. They applaud you for getting a C on a test and they call you a nerd when you get 100% on a test that you studied for hours on. I want to be different. I want to be the one person who can role model for others to know that it’s okay not to smoke and drink and that there is another way to find happiness. I want to be the person who can get a 100% on a test and not worry about what people think about it. Right now I might not be the coolest kid in school but I know the habits I have created will help me later in life.

Eric, Washington