Wanting to help a loved one

My boyfriend has recently gotten into the bad habit of doing drugs again. He was clean for about 6 months and he has gotten back into it. He often shows up to school high or drunk and he acts as if he doesn’t care at all. It hurts to see him ruining his life and I hate this feeling of helplessness like I can not do anything about. He just got OSS for being caught drunk at school and his mother now knows of his addictions. However I don’t believe she’s taking this as serious as it really is. She has him going to therapists but he straight up tells them that he doesn’t care and that he’s going to continue doing drugs. I don’t know who he is anymore, he is not the boy I fell in love with but I’m not going to give up on him. He tells me every night that he doesn’t care about himself or anyone except me and that worries me so much. I miss who he used to be and I honestly believe he can overcome this because he’s done it before. He’s been going through some tough times with his family.

Uma, North Carolina