ADVICE: bullies

We all know what it’s like to be put-down. It’s no fun by any means. We tend to do the following things when people bully or tease.
-get even
You may cry for the 1st time, ignore the 2nd time, complain the 3rd and eventually crave for revenge. None of these will help. TRUST ME. Crying only makes your mind think the action is worse than what it is. Ignoring it will want the bully to keep trying to get your attention, and complaining will make no one want to help you. Getting even might get you into trouble. So my advice?!
-laugh along
-take action
Laugh along if it’s a minor joke.
i.e.: “you look like a pig!” (Your response: Oink oink!)
Report: NOT Tattle! Tell a parent what’s going on.
Take action: have a parent call someone for further help.
*Your friend might pressure you to ignore the bully or get even, but DON’T. Fight through until the end.

Courtney, Florida