Only a little bit

Last day of school, freshman year, I was with my friends at a party. Jonah said he was going to go with a few friends to smoke some weed for a only a little bit. So I came along to watch and before I knew it I was high. I only was going to do a little bit, but that turned into every day, lying to my family and friends to get that high again. I continued to try acid, cigs, hydrocodone, and rubbing alcohol over that summer. Nothing could make me happy again besides drugs. Drugs are a monster. They are so fun at first, but they always change you, only a little bit at a time, you become the monster. I thought drugs were part of being a teenage girl, but they aren’t. They are part of becoming no one, part of becoming empty. Only a little bit changes your whole life. Now that’s what I would call a bad trip..