Back at the beginning of the summer, we invited a handful of local friends to help model our new line of official merchandise. While we were at it, we played a round of Tag It. For those unfamiliar, Tag It, is pretty simple. The idea is to literally tag the influences in your everyday life, which helps accomplish two main things: 1) It helps increase your own – and others’ – awareness of different influences and their potential impact, and 2) it’s a way of taking an empowering stand that basically says “I see it, and I can rise above it.”

Want to play too? Print – or draw – your own template like the one you see her, tag stuff, take pics, and share them with us on Facebook or Instagram.

I am above h8
Tara, 17, NY
Above H8
“Most of my best friends are gay and have faced bullying even to the point of contemplating suicide. It’s weird to see the judgment in other people’s eyes. We love who we love.”

I am above cyberbullying
Josh, 18, NY
Above Cyberbullying
“I play a lot of video games, and a lot of kids get really upset even though it’s just a game. It gets crazy, but I ignore it and leave it alone. ”

I am above Rx abuse
Ryan, 22, Staten Island
Above Rx Abuse
“I’ve seen the consequences of Rx [prescription drug] abuse at home in Staten Island especially, and it’s not something I’d want for myself or anyone else.”

I am above negativity
Virginia, 16, NY
Above Negativity
“It’s important not to have negative people and negativity in your life, because it can impact you and turn you into a negative person. Surround yourself with positivity!”

I am above bullying
Crystal, 23, NY
Above Bullying
“I used to get bullied a lot. In Jr. high, I thought I was chunky, not very pretty. I stopped paying attention to it.”