Because they’re sooooo tiiiiiiiired.

How many times do you see high school life portrayed on TV and just go “wut????”.  Right, ‘cause your average student body is filled with twenty-something-year-olds with flawless skin and impeccable style, and no parents. Seriously. Where are the parents? They are like never around. And when do these kids get their homework done!? Seriously, when does it happen?

Whether you’re an incoming freshman, or a senior who lost perspective while binging on The Vampire Diaries this summer, remember: objects on your screen are not as they appear in real life. 

We tried to rank the most tired high school and movie cliches. What did we miss?

1. Watch Out for the Queen Bee
According to lore, high school is a competitive jungle full of Regina Georges scrapping their way to the top. We won’t lie, there are some bullies and mean girls out there, but they aren’t ruling over the entire student body like some type of evil dictator. Honestly, a lot of the “popular” kids are just people who know how to get along with everybody.

2. Everyone is “Doing It”
So much hooking up and partying! If someone really wanted to depict the high school life, there’d be a whole lot of boring scenes full of late-night homework sessions, and Saturday nights in front of a screen.

3. Beware of the Plastics
There’s the jocks, goths, bros, nerds, otakus… the list goes on and on. Yeah, cliques exist, but popular teen movies (ahem… The Breakfast Club, Mean Girls, Clueless, etc…) keep perpetrating the notion that we can all be neatly grouped and labeled. In reality, your interests and crew can – and probably will – change. Maybe even from one day to the next!

Yea…no. That hasn’t been a thing since the ‘70s, and a detention (or maybe even an expulsion) is totally not worth it. Besides, throwing food everywhere is just plain messy and gross.

5. Big Party This Weekend!
Yeah, someone might throw a party here and there, but it’s not going to have a super-dope DJ dropping that bass, and it’s not going to be the setting of the school nerd’s breakout moment. The reality is that major ragers just aren’t as glamorous, as big, or as common as the movies and television would have us believe. 
PS, check out Alessia Cara’s new song about partying, because it’s SPOT. ON.

6. I Woke up Like This
Most on-screen “teens” are actually in their 20s-30s, and professionally styled. Right, as if the most developmentally awkward stage of our lives would include acne-free skin, perfectly coiffed ‘dos, and runway outfits that NEVER repeat. And no one ever has braces. What’s up with that?