Positive Voices is a regular blog feature showcasing emerging, young artists who embody the Above the Influence message of staying true to one’s self while inspiring other young people in healthy, positive ways.

Hailing from sunny Nashville, Hannah Weeks is warming hearts everywhere with her gorgeous, honeyed voice and lyrics that are just so honest.

One of her early tracks, “I Thought You Were My Friend” hits especially close to home. We all know what it feels like to lose touch, and to lose trust in a friend, or even in ourselves. The video adds another layer of depth, tracing the story of different choices, and different paths taken.

Hannah beautifully captures that confused combination of shock, betrayal and disappointment in her full-throated refrain:

I thought you were my friend,
I thought you had my back.
Why would you want me
to do something like that?

Hannah gets us.

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