So another couple of young celebs became the focus of a brief drug-related controversy earlier this week (1D was caught smoking weed).

People that we like, and maybe even look up to, will make choices for themselves that we probably wouldn’t. It happens. And it’ll happen again.

They might do it right under the spotlight (Miley, Biebs), or it could have happened privately and behind the scenes (Zefron). Either way, it has a way of turning the world on its head, just for a second.

But here’s the thing: our lives haven’t actually changed. It’s still up to us to make our own best decisions. Not based on someone else’s, but based on real information (like you can find right here), and knowing what we want for ourselves.

Celebrities captivate, and they have our attention, so it’s awesome when they’re able to use their powers for good. We love them for it! But they aren’t superheroes. They’re human and imperfect, like us, even if they can sing better, way better.

Something to think about: do celebrities’ choices or actions ever influence yours?