Don’t let summer break become a summer bore! As if you would. Summer is the perrrr-fect time to learn and try something new! And not because you have to, but because you want to.

From the practical to the not entirely pointless, check out all the new skills you could be boasting by next school year.

1. Make a Difference
The cool thing about using your time and energy to help make a difference in the world is that you’re not only helping others, but helping yourself as well. We all have to live on this great big rock together afterall. And of course all that volunteering and do-gooding is a great way to acquire some new skills too. It’s a win-win-win!

Check out the folks at for ideas to get you going.

2. Sprechen sie Deutsch?
Forget about grammar worksheets and vocab tests for a sec. Now, just focus on how cool it would be, to really, like actually, be able to speak another language. If you’re into that, say “Hallo” to your new language tutor: YouTube.

3. Code it Up
Anyone can create a tumblr and say they “built a website,” but that doesn’t really count. Completely tricking out a tumblr, with a custom theme that you’ve created? Now we’re talking. Google “learn to code,” and let the fun and games begin!

4. Run for Your Life
Enough screen time. GET OUTSIDE and GET MOVING! Life is stressful, but getting active outdoors is one of the absolute best stress relievers around. And science proves it. This one isn’t a skill, per se, but getting healthy and in shape will definitely serve you well.

5. Make Sweet, Sweet Music
Did you miss the boat when it was time to sign up for band? It’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument, start writing your own songs, become a YouTube sensation, and get signed to a label. But it is easier to pick up, the younger you start (ahem… just like bad habits, unfortunately), so hop to it!

6. Get on a Boat
Boating may not be a required life skill, but it’s nice to have options.