Sound familiar? That’s because we ALL say it.

The truth is we are bombarded with messages every day that aren’t so great for our self-image. Certain beauty standards are glorified in mags, movies, and even in the toy aisle (we’re looking at you Bratz and GI Joe).

So no wonder it’s such a challenge to embrace our own unique looks, and the fact that we all come in different shapes and sizes. Not to mention that while we’re on our way to adulthood, our size and shape, and just pretty much everything, is totally in the process of evolving thanks to a little thing called puberty.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to put your best face forward. Keyword: YOUR face. And your neck, and everything below it. Beauty standards are bogus, because you’re anything but standard issue. Celebrate your individuality and embrace a different set of standards – your own.

I'm Aware that I'm Rare  | Above the Influence