You trust your BFF with pretty much everything, so why shouldn’t they be a trusted source of information? Well, unless your friend literally knows everything ever, their information is only as good as its source. Trust ‘em with your locker combo (maybe), but when it comes to making real decisions with real consequences, check the facts for yourself.

When you hear one of the following, it might be time to run a fact check.

1. “I read it online.”

But WHERE online? Do yourself a favor and do your homework for yourself.

2. “It’s OK. Everybody does it.”

This one should come with a giant, flashing “CAUTION” sign. “Everybody” used to smoke like a chimney back in the day, and look how well that turned out.

3. “My parents let me do it.”

What’s OK for one, isn’t always OK for another. YOUR parents have YOUR best interests in mind. Plus, parents are people too, and that means a) they’re all different, and b) they aren’t always perfect.

Our whole list here can apply to a bunch of different situations, but we want to take a second to talk about how this specific list item can relate to underage drinking. When it comes to parents providing alcohol to minors, or permitting underage drinking in their home, this can actually get those parents into some pretty serious trouble. A lot of states have what are called “social hosting” laws, which hold the adults accountable when underage drinking takes place in their home.

4. “My parents did it (or do it) too, so it’s fine!”
Again, parents, people, not perfect, all different, blah blah, you heard it. They might have taken some missteps along the way too. Plus, if they USED to do it, there’s a reason why they stopped, right?

And we say this one all the time, but it’s really important to remember, what’s OK for an adult is definitely not always OK – or legal – for teens.

5. “Just trust me.”
Yeahhh, but it doesn’t hurt to check facts for yourself, right? I mean we love our friends, and we trust them with a lot, but when it comes to certain things – like things that could have negative consequences – we want to know for ourselves.

Speaking of fact checking, this week just happens to be National Drug Facts Week. What a coincidence!? A great place to check the facts when it comes to drug or alcohol use is right here.