Prom season has started and its gonna be epic! So listen up gentlemen, because this is YOUR guide to all things prom.

1. Howdy Partner! 
Whether your bae, your crush, or your BFF, if you’re planning on going with a date, you have one of two options: sit around and hope they ask you, or go ahead and pop the question already. Creativity counts these days, but if a flashy #promposal isn’t your style, don’t sweat it. Just be yourself and ask nicely.

2.Black Tie Optional

Traditionally a rented tux is the way to go, but there is opportunity to have fun with this, guys.  Try thrifting (#wheresmacklemore) or going DIY. Bonus points if you and your date collab on a unique look.

3. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Believe it or not, a lot of salons have pre-prom hair prep for guys too! If your face has hair on it too, #treatyoself to an old fashioned shave and a hair cut.

4. We’re All Unique Flowers

Don’t show up empty handed, fellas. The classic wrist corsage most often features a rose, but other flowers do exist. Know what colors your date will be wearing, talk to the florist, and let them use their creativity a bit.

5. Say “Cheese”
Most of us use the cameras on our phones – and they work great! – but if you have a Polaroid or instant print camera, bring it along. We all enjoy a little instant gratification, after all. If you’re gonna bring a selfie stick, do everyone a favor and mind your surroundings. Those things will poke an eye out!

6. Live in the Moment
Eyes up. Phone down. Prom is actually pretty fun IRL, so give it a try. We’ll enjoy all your great prom pics just as much the next morning, when you #latergram them.

7. Everybody Get Footloose!

So you DON’T think you can dance? Yeah, neither do a lot of other guys. It’s not a competition, so don’t sweat it. Just move your feet to the beat (or as close to it as you can). You got this.