Have you ever wanted to do something, but didn’t for fear of looking a little stupid?

I, for one, have TONS of experience with that. Both with joining in something I didn’t actually want to do, and with missing out on opportunities I might have really enjoyed.

This guy clearly had no problems getting out there and trying something new! And what’s more, he let the whole world watch him learn. Plus, as it turns out, he’s a real talent.

Credit: YouTube/Neiland

Unlike YouTuber Neiland here, I’ve shied away from a lot. Oddly enough I’ve also shied into some things I wasn’t all that interested in, just to blend in.

Did I want to TP that tree on Gate Night in middle school? Not really. It seemed kind of illegal and also a bit messy. Did I stay anyway? Yup.

Despite my great interest in my high school plays and musicals (thanks, Glee), did I ever make it to an audition? Not so much…

Then there comes the moment when you realize that the only one holding you back from doing what you want, and being the person you want to be, is yourself.

My first week of college there were a cappella auditions, and again, with the Glee effect, I finally shuffled myself to try-outs. Naturally I didn’t make it, but that wasn’t the point at all! I had a lot of fun trying, and I met some friendly new faces. All in all a good day – I was proud of myself for finally trying out and singing in front of people, regardless of whether or not I was any good.

It could always have been worse, but really, how bad could “worse” have been? They could have laughed or jeered, but even if they had, who cares!?

From my perspective, I respect people for trying new things and doing what they love, and I think most other people feel the same way. If they don’t, then their respect or approval isn’t something I need.